The reports in this top 10 selection include various topics such as coworking, property valuation, supply chains, industrial and logistics real estate, green building, future workplace, Smart City, data analytics and more.

CBRE Asia Pacific market researchers analyze real estate market data to ensure high quality information and to provide meaningful property market insights and identify trends in the real estate industry.

The aim of our property market statistics is to offer a comprehensive overview of the market and to find meaning and insight in the provided data that will help influence your decision making. We frequently use tables, graphs and charts to make the presentation analysis and interpretation of data easier to understand.

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Real Estate Market Outlook
1??Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook 2019

2019 will be a year of significant change for the Asia Pacific real estate market. Now is the opportune time for occupiers and investors to refine their real estate strategies and build resilience to market volatility.

Real Estate Market Outlook
2??Global Real Estate Market Outlook 2019

While a degree of uncertainty clouds the economic outlook at the start of 2019, we believe that growth and confidence will pick up throughout the year. China is already deploying extra fiscal stimulus to boost its economy, and we expect growth to pick up in Europe

Smart Cities
3??Programming Asia Pacific Tech Cities As Global Tech Hubs

Rapid growth by tech companies continues to fuel office demand in Asia Pacific and spur the development of state-of-the-art headquarters buildings across the region. This trend is driving the formation of designated areas for the tech sector in many markets.

Food and Beverage
4??Food and Beverage Industry Market Research Reports

The biggest change in the F&B industry is that people in APAC countries don’t eat out on occasions but eat out for social engagement and experience. The increase in family revenue, urbanization, social gathering culture and consumerism have led to this change.

5??Can Coworking Save You Money? Comparing the Cost of Flexible Space and Traditional Office Leases

While conventional long-term leases remain the norm, office occupiers are increasingly assembling portfolios by picking and choosing options from a broad range of formats such as incubators, coworking, serviced offices and turnkey solutions.

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Investor Intentions Survey
6??Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2019

This year’s survey also uncovered a shift in investment strategy, with many buyers opting to focus on smaller sized transactions priced below US$250 million.

7??Next-Generation Tenant Engagement Platforms

Recent years have seen the development of tenant engagement platforms in response to growing employee demand for technology-driven, hospitality-infused and inspiring workplaces.

Data Center
8??Asia Pacific Data Centre Trends Q1 2019

The Asia Pacific data center market continues to expand. Colocation supply across the four tier I markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo totalled 1,119 MW in Q1 2019.

Real Estate Investment
9??Uncovering value late in the cycle: Where should investors look in 2019?

Asia Pacific continues to enjoy one of its longest ever periods of uninterrupted economic expansion, driven by supportive monetary policy and robust growth in China.

10??The Rise of Multistorey Warehousing

Across Asia, multistorey warehousing has been commonplace for a number of years due to land scarcity and the resultant high costs of land. The reason why Australia doesn’t have multistorey warehousing yet is that these assets haven’t made sense financially.

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